WorkEZ Standing Desk

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A simple standing desk conversion kit that combines 2 Stands into a portable, compact sit/stand desk

A simple, quick and affordable way to stand up and work at any desk. All 3 components adjust independently for the ultimate ergonomic workstation. It's the best laptop standing desk that also holds lightweight desktop monitors.

Eco-friendly packaging!  Our packaging engineers reduced waste, eliminated plastic and created a virtually 100% recyclable packaging!

The WorkEZ Standing Desk Conversion Kit is an easy way to stand up and work at your desk.


WorkEZ Standing Desk has 3 Pieces


Laptop/Monitor Stand

  • This is the WorkEZ Executive
  • Holds laptops & flat screen monitors (max load ~13lbs)
  • Height adjusts up to 22", holding screens at eye-level
  • Panel rotates 360 (for laptops)
  • For laptops, consider the USB/Fan upgrade: adds 2 cooling fans & 3 USB Ports

Keyboard Tray

  • 18" wide tray holds most keyboards
  • Tucks neatly under the monitor stand
  • Adjust keyboard angle & height up to 18"
  • Holds keyboards at the optimal downward angle
  • Decrease wrist fatigue

Mouse Pad

  • Attaches to the keyboard tray's panel
  • Angle adjusts so mouse is always level
  • Works on both the right and left side
  • Holds keyboards & mice at the same level

Squinting, Slouching, Back Pain, Lack of Focus!


Squinting, Slouching, Back Pain, Lack of Focus!

WorkEZ Standing Desk puts you in a beautiful ergonomic position

  • Independently adjust the height & angle of the Monitor Stand, Keyboard Stand and Mouse Pad
  • Raise screens to eye-level to prevent hunching & back pain
  • Type with wrist drooping down naturally
  • Fits people of all height (tested to 6'5") and works with any desk or table.

Works with Laptops & Desktops

Standing Desk Benefits

  • Improved Posture: increases focus, alterness & comfort
  • Healthier Living: standing has been dubbed the healthiest position (guess what's the least healthy...Sitting!)
  • Burn More Calories: Burn 300 or more calories from standing and not sitting
  • Feel more stimulated: without the constant caffeine drip
  • Decreased Risk: of carpal tunnel, arthritis, back pain
Standing Desk Benefits

What's included

What's included

  • 1 WorkEZ Executive - to hold your laptop/monitor
  • 1 WorkEZ Keyboard Tray & Mouse Pad

WorkEZ Standing Desk Manual


Have you made the paradigm shift to ergonomically friendly workplace? Invest in a stand up desk conversion kit. Better productivity, better health, and fewer visits to doctors for stiff necks and backaches – what else could you possibly wish for! This standing desks works equally well with laptops, and PCs both.


Will it hold my desktop monitor?

WorkEZ Standing Desk holds laptops and lightweight monitors that weigh less than 13lbs. For reference, a modern flat screen 19" desktop monitor weighs about 6-8lbs.

It does not work with iMacs, all-in-one computers and heavy monitors. If you have a heavy monitor, consider LIFT.

What is the depth (front-to-back)?

In general, the max depth you need is 21.5", but varies according to how close you like your keyboard & monitor.
The legs on the monitor stand are 11.5" long & the legs on the keyboard tray are ~10" long. The Keyboard Tray does "tuck" under the monitor stand to make things more compact.

I have 2 monitors! Will it hold them?

WorkEZ Standing Desk is designed to hold one laptop or desktop monitor. If you use 2 monitors, consider:
[A] Purchase 1pc WorkEZ Standing Desk + 1pc WorkEZ Executive (to use as your 2nd monitor stand)
[B] Purchase the LIFT Standing Desk, which can support two monitors up to about 21"

I’m tall … will it work for me?

In general, people 6’2"-6’5" can comfortably use the WorkEZ Standing Desk
WorkEZ Standing Desk works in concert with your existing desk, elevating the base of your screen up to 21" above your desk surface. For laptops you can angle the panel vertically for more height.

What can I do to make it more stable?

Purchase the WorkEZ Stabilization Bar. This clever product connects the legs forming a more stable platform that’s ideal for heavier laptops and monitors.

Can I buy the Keyboard Tray separately?

YES! Click here to buy the WorkEZ Keyboard Tray & Mouse Pad

Is it adjustable?

Yes. You can independently adjust the height & angle of the monitor stand and the keyboard tray
NEW! Eco-packaging! Affordably convert any table into an ergonomic sit/stand desk.
* Weight:
4.5 lbs
** Weight:
* Panel Size:
** Panel Size:
* Height Range:
Adjustable: 0 - 21"
** Height Range:
0 - 18"
* Width between legs:
** Material.:
* Compatibility:
Laptops & flatscreen monitors <13lbs
* Material:
** Material:
** Dimensions:
7" x 7"
Max Depth (front-to-back):
** Works on right & left side:
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