KT2 - Adjustable Standing Desk Keyboard Tray

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Adjustable under-desk keyboard tray with a large height range.

KT2 is an ergonomic, under-desk keyboard tray that swivels 360° and is adjustable in height & angle to perfectly position keyboards to optimize your typing posture. Swing keyboards above desk level to quickly stand up and type with this negative tilt keyboard tray.
KT2 is an optimal standing desk keyboard tray. With the ability to lower keyboards up to 10” below desk-level, KT2 is designed to optimize your posture by providing proper separation between your monitor and keyboard.




KT2 is a fully adjustable, under-desk keyboard tray.
** Perfect for sitting & standing. **

Sit or Stand: Easily move keyboards above or below your desk!

Promotes Wrist Health: Type with a neutral or negative wrist angle.

Completely Adjustable: Elevate, tilt, swivel keyboards to the perfect position for you.



Raise keyboards to any height from ~10" below to ~8" above your desk

Tilt keyboard tray angle for typing comfort.

Swivel keyboards left/right.

Slide in and out from under your desk.

Quick, intuitive adjustment.

Mouse Pad adjusts independently and connects to both the right & left sides.

Easy installation (6-point secure mounting system).

Patented – USA & foreign patents issued



KT2 – Adjustable Sit Stand Keyboard Tray
with Negative Tilt

KT2 is an adjustable height under-desk keyboard tray with negative tilt that swivels 360°, slides in and out, and features an independently adjustable mouse pad designed for both right and left handers. The large adjustable height range raises keyboards above desk level for standing and makes this the best standing desk keyboard tray.

Adjustable height & angle ergonomic keyboard tray. Raises keyboards from ~10” below to ~8” above desk height – perfect for sitting or standing!
* Keyboard Panel Dimensions:
18.5" (w) x 8.75" (d)
High Strength Steel + Premium Bakelite
* Mouse Pad Dimensions:
7" (w) x (8.75" (d)
Is the mouse pad adjustable?:
Yes. Slides left & right + tilts.
* Rail Length (mounts to your desk):
approx 19.5"
Installation required?:
Yes, simple installation is required.
Is the height adjustable?:
Yes, from ~ 10" below your desk to 8" above your desk.
Can you adjust the typing angle?:
Yes. Keyboard tray angle is adjustable.
Does it pivot?:
Yes. KT2 easily swivels left & right
Is KT2 adjustable?:
Yes, slides in & out. Keyboard tray tilts. Height adjusts. Mouse pad adjusts.