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Active Standing Desk Mat

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The Perfect Anti-Fatigue Mat for Active Standing!

The patented Active Standing Mat has a contoured surface that’s specifically engineered to encourage movement while standing.  With space for static standing, the 1” thick floor, which is much thicker than most “cheap” mats, provides excellent cushioning comfort that you can feel.  Sloped sidewalls allow you to elevate one or both feet, stretch your calves and stand comfortably with a wider stance.  The center massage ball massages and stretches your feet and makes it easy to slide the Active Standing Mat out of the way when you don’t need it.

The Active Standing Mat is manufactured with a premium, high-density molded foam. It’s a solid, 1-piece design without pleather or other cheap materials to hide defects.  Our industrial design engineers calculated the correct density and materials to provide cushioned, anti-fatigue properties that you can actually feel as soon as you step on the mat. Size, dimensions and properties of the mat are based on human factor principles – it’s small and light enough to be easily moved but large enough to give you room to move.  The Active Standing mat fits perfectly in most cubes and offices and it’s the ultimate compliment to any Standing Desk!

  • Weight = only 8lbs
  • Size: 32x19.75x3.5"
  • 1" thick floor
  • Easily slides out of the way


Stand Stationary ... Stretch Your Calves ... Massage Your Feet ... The Choice is Yours!


Comfortable Active Standing Mat for Healthy Movement!

This standing desk floor mat is perfect for standing desk users who’d rather not stand in the same position for long periods of time. The non-flat construction will keep you motivated for hours.

Made from cushioned, supportive material, this mat is the perfect accessory for your standing desk, delivering better posture as well as healthy movement. Engage more muscles while standing, without ever having to leave your desk and keep the fatigue away. Place your order today! 

A Contoured, Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Extra thick, non-flat anti-fatigue floor mat engineered to encourage movement while standing. This contoured anti-fatigue mat is the best standing desk comfort mat for active standing.




This product can expose you to chemicals including phthalates, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and/or cancer.

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What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the Active Standing Desk Mat's webpage and click on the word "SPECS"

Can i slide the Active Standing Mat out of the way?

Yes! On most surfaces, the Active Standing Mat easily slides out of the way. A gentle push on the massage ball should allow you to perfectly position the Active Standing Mat.

Is assembly required?

Nope. The Active Standing Mat is fully assembled, requires no installation. To use:
  1. Open the box
  2. Place the Active Standing Mat on the floor.
  3. Enjoy the cushioning and freedom to stand actively!

How can i clean or maintain the Active Standing Mat?

The Active Standing Mat is made of premium molded foam. It's designed to be stain and water resistant. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Be sure that the Active Standing Mat is DRY before use!

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Contoured non-flat anti-fatigue mat engineered to encourage movement & active standing
Product Weight:
8 lbs
Premium high density molded foam
Floor Thickness:
1" | Provides excellent cushioning