BASE Standing Balance Board + Anti-Fatigue Mat

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BASE is engineered to be one of the safest and most effective balance and stability boards. It's easy to stand on, doesn't force you to be constantly balancing, and quickly lets you rock, tilt, twist, move and surf!

What Makes BASE special?

  • METICULOUSLY ENGINEERED, PATENTED SHAPE: designed for optimal, safe use. It's incredible!
  • RELAX: you don't have to be stressed from constant balancing or tipped to one side.  Stand still upright and balance, move, or twist when you want!
  • EASY: It's fast and simple to step on or off BASE
  • SAFE: Crafted with the proper range of motion for safe movement and balancing.
  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION: Tip left, right, forwards, backwards ... move in a circle, surf, twist ... almost endless options to help you stay balanced and move more!
  • ANTI-FATIGUE MAT! topped with a plush anti-fatigue mat, standing & balancing couldn't be more comfortable.


Surf, move, and stay active throughout your day with this incredible standing desk balance board!


BASE is an incredible balance & stability board designed for anyone to use:

  • OFFICE: Take "Active Standing" to the next level with BASE - surf, rock, tilt and safely move at your Standing Desk!
  • HOME: Make cooking, phone calls, and plain old standing around more fun and active with BASE!
  • REHAB: Come back from an injury stronger - use BASE to enhance balance, strength, and isolate leg movements.
  • EXERCISE: Get ripped with BASE! While it's not a 3-minute ab routine, balance exercises have been shown to make a positive difference on strength & conditioning workouts.


Beautiful Design | Amazing Functionality:

  • MATERIAL: ABS Endless Wave Pattern + Comfortable Anti-Fatigue Mat Deck
  • PROTECTION: Non-Skid, Non-Marking bottom cover & corners
  • PATENTED: USA & Foreign patents pending

BASE is an amazing balance board & the perfect compliment to your standing desk.

Amazing balance & stability board designed for home, office, standing desks, exercise and rehab. Incredible functionality … BASE Balance Board provides a full range of balancing motion letting you stand still or rock, twist, balance and surf. Designed to be the best standing desk balance board, it’s an excellent wobble stability board for rehab, exercise and fitness.


Do I have to be in constant balance?

NO! Base was specifically designed to you can stand on it with a relaxed posture. You don't need to be constantly balancing, rocking, or tilted.

What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other technical details?

Click on the SPECS tab on BASE's Webpage

How much ASSEMBLY and INSTALLATION is required?

NONE! BASE ships fully assembled. Slide it out of the box and get balanced!

Is BASE portable?

YES! BASE weight < 8lbs and features a concealed handle within the endless wave design for optimal portability. Bring BASE with you anywhere to balance, rock, move and surf!

Where can i use BASE?

BASE is the optimal balance and stability board. It's designed to be used with Standing Desks, at home, in the office and for exercise, rehab, and leg strengthening. 

Who can use BASE?

BASE is designed for virtually anyone to use. Always place BASE on a firm, solid floor and hold onto to a solid, stationary object when using BASE.

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Amazing balance & stability board designed for home, office, standing desks, exercise and rehab. Stand Still or Rock, Twist, Balance & Surf ... You'll love it!
8 lbs
High Strength ABS Frame with a Super Comfortable Anti-Fatigue Mat Deck
Non-Skid, Non-Marking rubber bottom & corners