Tips, Tricks, FAQs – Thank You QVC Customers!

Thank you for ordering one of the special WorkEZ Best models we made exclusively for QVC customers! We hope you have a wonderful experience with our product. Below you’ll find some tips, tricks, and FAQs about WorkEZ Best. Our customer support team is happy to answer additional questions.

WorkEZ Best is a universal laptop stand that makes computing more comfortable just about everywhere: sitting a desk, standing, lounging on the couch, laying in bed.

HERE is the user manual.


See where and how WorkEZ Best can benefit your computing life



What material is WorkEZ Best made from?
The panel and legs are aluminum. The leg joints are ABS for easy adjusting.
Why aren’t there holes/vents in the panel?
WorkEZ Best’s panel is made from aluminum. Aluminum naturally dissipates heat to cool laptops (no holes/vents needed!). Think about when you put a pot of water on the stove – you don’t need holes in the pot for heat to transfer from the burner to the water
My laptop gets hot - Does WorkEZ Best cool laptops?
Yes – WorkEZ Best’s aluminum panel helps dissipate heat to cool laptops.
How do I connect the mouse pad?
The mouse pad connects via a tongue and groove connection on the right or left slot on the panel.
TIP! When folded, the legs will block the mouse pad holes. Simply elevate the panel so you can easily connect the mouse pad.
How do I adjust the mouse pad?
Loosen the thumb screw under the panel, rotate the mouse pad so it’s flat, tighten the thumb screw. Enjoy.
Can I remove the Mouse Pad?
Yes. You can easily remove the mouse pad – just slip it out of the slot. No screws, levers, or locks to fiddle with.
How do I Adjust WorkEZ Best?
To raise, lower, and tilt WorkEZ Best: Press the joint button and rotate the leg to the desired setting. Once released, the button will “lock” into place every 15-degrees. To help you get started, we have several suggested joint settings in our user manual.
How to raise WorkEZ Best?
Start with the outer-most joint (Joint A on the manual) and rotate to the desired setting. Then repeat for the middle joint (Joint B) and inner joint (Joint A). Once you become familiar with adjusting WorkEZ Best, it’s easy to eyeball proper settings.
How to Collapse WorkEZ Best?
Start with the joint connected to the panel (Joint C in the manual). Depress the joint button and fold the leg so it’s parallel to the panel (angle is 0). Repeat for the middle joint (Joint B) and then the outer-most joint (Joint A).
Do I have to use all 3 leg segments?
Nope! There’s a reach-through hole on the outer-most leg segment that lets you access the middle joint. This lets you use 2 leg segments for faster, simpler adjustments.
WorkEZ Best tips, leans, won’t hold my laptop – help!
When setting up WorkEZ Best, ensure that the top panel is centered over the bottom leg segments. Press down on the panel to ensure everything is stable (if it isn’t – just adjust the tilt or height to increase stability). WorkEZ Best is most stable at lower heights.
How do I use WorkEZ Best on the couch, bed, recliner?
WorkEZ Best slips over your lap, comfortably holding laptops hands free. For maximum stability on soft surfaces: first ensure that the panel is properly centered over the leg segments resting on the couch. Second, you may find that extending the outer and inner leg segments to “wrap” around your waist may increase stability.
TIP! How to quickly match legs
Once Leg#1 is adjusted to perfection, you can quickly match Leg#2 by holding WorkEZ Best at arm’s length – view WorkEZ Best from the side so Leg#2 is closest to you – match the legs.
TIP! How to quickly adjust the panel tilt
Use both hands to quickly lower the panel tilt by grasping the left and right sides of the panel and simultaneously depressing both joint buttons. Once the panel is lowered to the perfect position, release the joint buttons.
TIP! Where can you use WorkEZ Best?
WorkEZ Best works almost everywhere you compute – sitting at a desk, lounging on the couch, laying in bed. It holds laptops, tablets, books, and monitors. It’s a convenient stand for recipes. Study more comfortably by holding books and screens at eye-level. The uses are almost endless.
Need a refund, replacement, return, exchange?
Please contact QVC Customer Support (we are unable to issue refunds, process returns, or replace items – since these products were made exclusively for QVC)!
Do you have extra colored WorkEZ Best / USB Lights / Wireless Keyboards & Mice?
WorkEZ Best – silver, rose, blue, and green are currently exclusive to QVC and can only be purchased from QVC HERE. You may purchase a black WorkEZ Best from Uncaged Ergonomics HERE.

All USB Lights are exclusive to QVC and cannot be purchased separately at this time.

All KM1 Wireless Keyboards and Mouse are exclusive to QVC and cannot be purchased separately at this time.
Broken Leg?
If you broke a leg, now worries – it’s super easy to replace legs. HERE are instructions, you’ll just need a small Philips head screwdriver. You can always grab an extra leg HERE for $5 (only available in black color).
How do I setup the KM1 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse?
Remove the cover on the bottom of the mouse. Insert 1 AA battery in the mouse. Remove the USB plug. Replace the cover. Remove the cover on the bottom of the keyboard and insert one AAA battery. Replace the cover.

Insert the USB plug into your computer. The drivers should be installed automatically. Toggle the on/off switch on the mouse to “on” and enjoy typing.
What drivers are needed for the KM1 wireless keyboard & mouse?
Locate the USB plug inside the mouse and plug it into a USB port onto your computer. The drivers are downloaded automatically. No additional downloads should be needed.
What batteries are needed for the KM1 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse?
The mouse uses one AA battery. The keyboard uses 1 AAA battery.