Keyboard Trays


Every computer desk needs a keyboard tray to optimize your posture when typing. Uncaged Ergonomics specializes in engineering ergonomic keyboard trays that are easy to use, easy to adjust, and provide the ergonomic benefits you need to optimize your wrist health. Our commercial grade under-desk keyboard trays are built to last using steel and compact board (no cheap plastic!). These adjustable keyboard trays provide height and tilt adjustment to perfectly position keyboards at elbow height and allow you to type with a neutral or negative wrist tilt. For those looking to raise keyboards to standing height, we manufacture a selection of on-desk adjustable-height keyboard stands that properly raise computer keyboards to elbow height when standing. Find the perfect standing desk keyboard tray right here! Shop our selection of fully ergonomic under desk keyboard trays that allow a large adjustable height range to better position keyboards at elbow height and provide proper separation between keyboard adjustments and monitor adjustments.