Active Chairs

ACTIVE SEATING: Balance Stools & Standing Desk Stools:

Tired of boring office chairs? Browse the best selection of active seating solutions including balance stools, wobble chairs, leaning stools and perch chairs. All our ergonomic stools are engineered to help you rock, sway, twist and sit actively. Active chairs help you have more fun at your desk. Unlike traditional office stools, active seating engages your core and encourage you to move more while sitting. Moving more increases blood flow and alertness as well as improves your health by burning a few calories while sitting. Our selection of ergonomic stools includes balance chairs and standing desk stools. Perch yourself near standing height with the wobble stool in adjustable height computer stool that gives your legs a rest from standing at your desk. Not just for standing, these unique balance stools are more compact and functional exercise ball chair. Exercise ball chairs tend to be hard to move and take up a lot of space. Chairs are more compact, easy to move, easier to adjust, and more aesthetically pleasing then exercise ball chair. Upgrade your office stool today with an ergonomic stool designed for active seating.